CapCut PC couldn’t load ttvideoeditor.dll

Today I just replaced my SSD and installed a clean install of Windows 11.

So I thought I’d install CapCut, a new video editing app that seems pretty easy to use, so I wanted to give it a try.

The problem encountered after the installation is finished is an error “couldn’t load ttvideoeditor.dll” as shown in the picture.

I wasn’t sure what caused it. I also couldn’t find a solution on the internet too.

So I thought, umm… never mind, just continue using the Davinci Resolve. Let’s wait for them to fix the problem.

So I installed Davinci Resove. And it appears that Davinci Resolve says the Mfplat.dll file is missing.

I’m confused. I guess it might be because I’m using Windows 11 N. I don’t know which software bundle is missing.

And I found the Mfplat.dll file in the below video on YouTube and paste it in “C:\Windows\System32” folder as he told, without reinstalling the Davinci Resolve. Once opened, it works normally as usual.

The surprising thing is that when I open CapCut again, it works too and passed Environment Testing as well, as in the picture.

Hope this method can solves your problem too.

Have fun editing your video. 😊

😶‍🌫️ Update: 6-Jun-23, Another potential way to fix the problem officially is by install the “Media Feature Pack list for Windows N editions







3 responses to “CapCut PC couldn’t load ttvideoeditor.dll”

  1. iLik07 Avatar

    Thankyou bro, fix my problem

  2. rayan rabi Avatar
    rayan rabi

    not fixed please help

    1. lungthi Avatar

      Please ensure your PC spec is meet the minimum requirements of the CapCut.
      And try the Media Feature Pack list for Windows N editions ->

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